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Lea Anne Hartman Collection

Lea Anne Hartman is from Santa Fe, New Mexico and has been creating jewelry and findings for over 19 years. She is an accomplished metalsmith who works in sterling silver, gold and exotic alloys. Lea Anne's imaginative work is inspired by nature, her pieces are an unexpected meld of organic and fantasy. 

About Shibuichi Shibuichi is an exotic alloy of copper and sterling silver that originated centuries ago in Japan. Traditionally it is comprised of three parts copper to one part silver. Lea Anne creates a ratio of 80% copper to 20% sterling silver to create the desired patina in her work. 

About Lost Wax Casting The process begins by layering and carving wax to create a sculpture. Definition is created by using a fine tool that grazes the surface. The piece is then filed to smooth the wax. To produce more than one a rubber mold is created, from which a plaster mold is made. When this mold is heated in a kiln the wax melts away — hence the name lost wax casting. Once the piece is cast finish work includes cleaning, grinding and buffing.

Please allow an extended delivery time of two to four weeks. 



We love Southwestern jewelry and admire the talent of the artists we work with. Their use of gem stones & mixed metals creates a beautiful, bold contrast in jewelry you can't find elsewhere. 

Stay a while. Have a look around. We think you'll fall in love too.

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